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Enjoy your vacation at home and afterward tell everyone who has been away about your new sundeck. You can build it yourself in just a few steps. Do you already have a pool? Perfect, because it turns into a pool terrace in no time at all. You can get tips here, in the SAT.1 guide.

Custom Deck Building

Preparations for the pool terrace

In the garden, mark the outline of the sun deck with chalk. If you already have a garden pool, it is a good idea to build the deck directly in front of it. If there is still lawn growing there, remove it. Then knock in 16 metal sleeves around the future pool terrace – with a spirit level and a wooden beam that you place over it, you can measure whether all sleeves are stuck equally deep in the earth. The wooden posts will be inserted into these later. The posts must of course be cut to size beforehand.

Build the sundeck yourself: the substructure

Then put the cut wooden posts into the sleeves. Each post is then reinforced towards the center with cross members. A screen printing plate in the middle, which rests on a post, gives the whole thing stability and allows the individual cross members to be screwed together. Then stabilize the load-bearing beams with support struts and connect the individual pieces of wood at the outer edge to create a support.

The cover for the sun deck

Floorboards made from Bangkirai are particularly suitable as a cover if you want to build a sun deck yourself because the wood is very resistant. Before you lay the planks, put fleece under the construction to prevent weeds from growing through the sun deck. Then the individual boards can be put together using clips. Tip: Place small glass plates under the boards on one side so that the floor is not completely flat and water can runoff.

Use Bangkirai for the side panels as well. Finished? Then just saw the protruding boards from the floor with a hand-held circular saw and two centimeters overhang and round off the edges with a grinding machine. VoilĂ  – the pool terrace is ready for your vacation at home! If you like, you can of course build a small staircase for the sundeck yourself from leftover Bangkirai boards.

Do you have a sundeck but no pool yet? In the SAT.1 guide, you can find out how you can build a pool yourself or what you should consider when buying one.